Trade Fair Overview
  • DOMOTEX Turkey

    4.27-4.30 2019

    Carpets/rugs, Textile and Resilient Floor Coverings, Wood Flooring, Yarns and Textiles, Natural Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Adhesives and Substrate Preparation

    Turkey Istanbul

  • ICCI

    5.1-5.3 2019

    power generation equipment, power distribution, power transmission, intellectual grid, relevant industry forums

    Turkey Istanbul

  • Tuttofood

    5.6-5.9 2019

    Bread, substitutes, Oven Bakery, Biological Products, cereals and derivates, Coffee, meat, oils and fats, pasta, seafood, read meals, spices and flavorings, beverages

    Italy Milan


    5.8-5.10 2019

    Intelligent equipment, industrial robots, machine vision, intelligent control system, industrial internet of things, components, new type laser, fiber laser, ultrafast laser, UV/green laser, solid laser, semiconductor laser, Co2 laser, excimer laser, quan

    Shenzhen China

  • Solar Canada

    5.8-5.9 2019

    solar energy industry and related industries

    Calgary, Canada

  • Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Beijing

    5.8-5.10 2019

    Electrical Systems, Industrial Automation IT & Software, Production and Process Automation, Robotics

    Beijing China


    5.21-5.23 2019

    Experiment Equipment, Biological Technology

    Germany Hannover

  • Industrial Automation and Robotics Show SOUTH CHINA

    5.22-5.24 2019

    Core hardwares of industrial automation; Intelligent industrial automation technologies and inspection related products; Industrial robot, core components and other intelligent equipments; Total solutions of intelligent manufacturing.

    Dongguan China


    5.27-5.31 2019

    Machinery and technology for woodworking and funiture,Forestry machinery

    Germany Hannover

  • China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition (Guangzhou)

    5.29-5.31 2019

    Entire systems for material handling technology, warehouse technology, logistics; Packaging and ordering picking equipment; Warhousing technology and workshop equipment; Mechanical handling, Logistics services and outsourcing, Intralogistics-Systems

    Guangzhou China


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